Family-Friendly Places to Visit in Portland

Rose Test Garden, Washington Park

Portland may have a reputation as a haven for the progressive adults among us, but there are plenty of places for family fun. Whether you and your family are staying for a while in corporate housing in Portland, or you’re visiting the City of Roses for a day trip, these spots will keep the kids happy – and the adults looking to extend their stay.

Parks and Gardens

The International Rose Test Garden in Washington Park should be one of your first stops for a relaxing and beautiful day out with the kids. Since 1919, the garden has been a “testing ground” of new rose varieties. Pack a picnic lunch and a blanket, then walk along the garden paths amid hundreds of types of flowers. It’s hard to take a bad photograph anywhere in the garden, so it’s a great place to go when you want to add to the family photo album.

Portland also has many beautiful parks and playgrounds. One of those parks is on Mount Tabor – an extinct volcano. During construction of the Mt. Tabor Park in 1912, workers discovered volcanic cinders which were later used in making the park’s roads. Are you living in Portland due to a long-term business project? Mount Tabor is a great place to explore. The park features picnic areas, play areas, a basketball court, dog park, horseshoe pit, walking paths – paved and unpaved – a picnic shelter, a performance stage, tennis courts, volleyball court, and wedding site.

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How to Personalize Furnished Apartments in Portland

Home Sweeet HomeOne of the biggest questions people have about living in a furnished apartment is how to make it feel like home. Although furnished apartments are unrivalled in terms of their convenience and comfort, a lot of individuals need a personal touch in their home, no matter how long they will be staying there. Below are some easy ways to update your corporate rental, and to elevate it to a place you look forward to returning.

Bring familiar items from home: A lamp, a pillow, or your sporting gear—all of these little things from home can make a big difference in how quickly you transition from an old space to the new. Besides being able to use them around the house, the sight of them alone will make you feel more at home. Anything that does not violate the terms of your stay should be safe to bring in.

Invite friends over: Part of what defines your home is the memories that are made there. When people first move into a new space, the lack of accompanying memories only further drills home the point that someone is in a completely new place. By inviting people over, you are creating new memories you associate with the space.

Add new artistic touches: Portland has a bustling art scene, and the addition of some new pieces can really transform a standard rental into a new home. The Alberta Arts District is a great place to both find inspiration and some new pieces to take home.

4 Handy Tips for Business Travelers

Being someone who travels regularly for business, you probably have a few tricks down to make the experience more efficient. We bet you know how to beautifully pack a suitcase! There are many tips that can make your traveling experience a bit more pleasant, and it can’t hurt to have them up your sleeve if you’re a frequent business traveler.  Here are 4 tips for improving your work trip. smiling business people

  1. Ask for an upgrade. It’s like moms always say, “you never know unless you try!” That old adage very much rings true when it comes to travel. Arrive early to your gate and ask the gate attendant if it’s possible for you to get an upgrade. There’s usually an additional cost, but if you’re on a long flight the added cost might mean a more comfortable flight. Many times, a small upgrade fee can get you’re a first class seat! Continue reading

Keeping Pets Safe During The Holidays

Are you traveling or relocating with pets this holiday season?

Here at US Suites, we care just as much about your four-legged family member during relocation just as you do. Every year we have thousands of pets that make the journey and relocate with us. Whether you’re bringing along a cat, dog or even a turtle, there are several things you can do to ensure their safety while traveling especially during the holidays.Below are a few tips to ensure your pet is safe and happy during the holidays and in their new home.

Tip #1 Keep pets away from poisonous holiday plants

Although you may love the look of that poinsettia or the holly or mistletoe hung in your doorway, these plants can be extremely harmful to your pet. Make sure to keep them out of reach from your pets or better yet go for the imitation poinsettia (Shh… we won’t tell anyone!)

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US Suites New Website

U.S. Suites, a SuiteAmerica company, launched their updated website in February 2013.  The website features apartment locations in their core markets including San Diego, California, Portland, Oregon, Boise, Idaho and Salt Lake City, Utah. The US Suites website seamlessly blends with SuiteAmerica’s website to offer a wider variety of properties in their core market as well as nationwide. Each property includes more detailed amenity information and a WalkScore (which ranks the walkability of each property to surrounding amenities including coffee shops, grocery stores and more).

Additionally, a reservation form is available for guests to request a quote or more information.  Once the form is submitted, a U.S. Suites Relocation Coordinator will arrange all the details of the guests stay.

With similar looks and functionality as its sister company’s website, SuiteAmerica, the site is easily to navigate and find what you’re looking for.

U.S. Suites was founded in 1981 and established itself as one of the national leaders in the corporate housing industry. U.S. Suites is a unique company striving to provide comfortable, heartfelt hospitality and take the stress out of relocating.

In May 2011, US Suites was purchased by SuiteAmerica, an industry-recognized leader of exceptional customer service in the corporate housing industry. SuiteAmerica brings 30 years of experience in the industry, as well as a knowledgeable staff and operations in San Diego, Portland, Seattle, Idaho, and New Mexico.SuiteAmerica-Logo-(for-web)

The combined force of SuiteAmerica and US Suites has strengthened the company’s emphasis on five-star customer service. US Suites has become a part of the SuiteAmerica family, which focuses on providing seamless transitions into corporate housing for employees being relocated or on temporary assignment. The company is committed to provide luxury fully furnished and appointed apartments for short term stays, in order to create a home away from home for our clients.