Moving: How to Make a Smooth Transition with Children and Pets

dog movingMoving is both stressful and exciting, and comes with many rewards, adventures and stressors. Whether you’re moving to furnished apartments in San Diego or a single-family home in Boston, planning is the key for a move that is as good as possible for everyone. For pets and children, it can be more difficult than for

adults, and it’s important that you keep a few excellent tips in mind in order to make the transition of moving with children and pets as smooth as possible for everyone involved.

 Tips for Moving with Children

One tip that many parents have found helpful is to promise a gift or treat to children upon arriving at your new home. That way, they will build excitement as the journey continues, replacing some of the nervousness with anticipation. Be sure to highlight the benefits of making new friends and meeting new people, and remind them that everyone they’ve met at their current home was a stranger at one time too. Remind them that their friends are only a phone call or an email away, and don’t forget to talk up the fun of setting up, decorating and living in a new room. It also often helps to show children photos of the new house in Boston, or the new Chicago neighborhood, or the new furnished apartments in San Diego they’ll be living at, along with the new school they’ll be going to, which will help them visualize their new life at a new place.

Be sure to engage your children in the process of moving so they don’t feel left out; take them with you to visit a new area, and let them look at homes with you. Ask for their opinions on projects, and have them help with the packing and cleaning if they are old enough. Make sure to support them, and don’t forget to exchange mailing and email addresses, along with phone numbers with the parents of your child’s friends.

Once you’ve moved, be sure to enroll your child in a program that encourages meeting new friends such as clubs and hobby programs. Make the new area comfortable, friendly and as familiar as possible, and make it a point to discover new, wonderful things about the new location.

Tips for Moving with Pets

One of the most important things to keep in mind is that while children can express their concerns and feelings and ask questions, your pet is unable to do so. Your main goal during the move will be to make sure your pet feels as little stress as possible.

Some states have breed restrictions for pets, and some airlines will not allow certain animals to fly, so be sure to check regulations about moving pets well in advance. It also may be a good idea for you if you are able to board your animal for a few days when you arrive, so call a kennel near your destination to see. Take your pet out for short trips before the big move, and be sure that you use the same vehicle, the same carrier, and replicate the same conditions you will be using on moving day if possible. This will get them accustomed to the transportation and process by the time the big day arrives.

Be sure to purchase kennels, crates, carriers and such in advance, and leave them out for your pet to get used to a few weeks before the move. Make sure you make any favorite toys, blankets and familiar comfort items available to your pet during the move to help lessen any nervousness they still may feel.

The idea when moving with children and pets is to plan well in advance and make the new location as familiar as possible to those who will be moving. From researching photos to show children to staying in temporary accommodations at first if needed, with a little planning and care the big day will be much easier and more exciting for all involved!

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