Intern Relocation – Part 2: Things to do, Places to see while in Portland

Our series for intern relocation continues with more great information on things to do and places to see during your relocation to Portland, OR. We hope you enjoy your stay!

Portland, Oregon has a little bit of everything for anyone looking to get away. Unique art, music, and food scenes distinguish this Northwest adventure from any other city in America, while trips to the ocean and mountain views make Portland a must see travel destination across the world. The following are just a few reasons why Portland should be your next stop across the continental US.

  • Bikes Rule. Portland is a pedal powered city. Almost every street is equipped with a bike lane, which has supported a thriving cyclist community. Bikes are available to rent at Portland Bike Tours.
  • Food A La Carte. Portland is littered with food trucks, each serving up their own brand of culinary magic. One walk down the street and you can experience a world of cuisines from deep fried chimichangas to classic Italian spaghetti.

  • Crazy Neighborhoods. Experience the true Portland experience in its neighborhoods. Three of its most notable neighborhoods are: Mississippi Avenue, an edgy urban mecca with a popular food cart pod; Hawthorn Street with a legion of trendy shops and cafes; and, Alberta Street which features art galleries, bars, shops, and home cafes.
  • Beautiful and Inexpensive Temporary Housing. US Suites furnished apartment homes place you right in the middle of the Portland action. Enjoy short terms rentals in Portland Oregon like never before whether you are on a temporary work assignment or need a place to stay before relocating to this funky city. US Suites has several locations throughout Portland like the Pearl District, downtown, and in other eclectic neighborhoods. So make it your first choice in corporate housing today.
  • Beer, Beer, and More Beer. (click to read more about some of top breweries we recommend) There are over 30 breweries in Portland, and they are all as unique and delightful as the city itself. These aren’t just any ales – they are all especially brewed to suit the unique styles and tastes of Portland natives. Enjoy a Rise Up ale at Hopworks Urban Brewery or try an assortment of funky ales at Amnesia Brewery.

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