How to Personalize Furnished Apartments in Portland

Home Sweeet HomeOne of the biggest questions people have about living in a furnished apartment is how to make it feel like home. Although furnished apartments are unrivalled in terms of their convenience and comfort, a lot of individuals need a personal touch in their home, no matter how long they will be staying there. Below are some easy ways to update your corporate rental, and to elevate it to a place you look forward to returning.

Bring familiar items from home: A lamp, a pillow, or your sporting gear—all of these little things from home can make a big difference in how quickly you transition from an old space to the new. Besides being able to use them around the house, the sight of them alone will make you feel more at home. Anything that does not violate the terms of your stay should be safe to bring in.

Invite friends over: Part of what defines your home is the memories that are made there. When people first move into a new space, the lack of accompanying memories only further drills home the point that someone is in a completely new place. By inviting people over, you are creating new memories you associate with the space.

Add new artistic touches: Portland has a bustling art scene, and the addition of some new pieces can really transform a standard rental into a new home. The Alberta Arts District is a great place to both find inspiration and some new pieces to take home.