4 Handy Tips for Business Travelers

Being someone who travels regularly for business, you probably have a few tricks down to make the experience more efficient. We bet you know how to beautifully pack a suitcase! There are many tips that can make your traveling experience a bit more pleasant, and it can’t hurt to have them up your sleeve if you’re a frequent business traveler.  Here are 4 tips for improving your work trip. smiling business people

  1. Ask for an upgrade. It’s like moms always say, “you never know unless you try!” That old adage very much rings true when it comes to travel. Arrive early to your gate and ask the gate attendant if it’s possible for you to get an upgrade. There’s usually an additional cost, but if you’re on a long flight the added cost might mean a more comfortable flight. Many times, a small upgrade fee can get you’re a first class seat!
  2. Keep the carry-on tech to a minimum. You don’t want to be scrambling around with the overhead compartment trying to grab your laptop, tablet, iPod and phone. You probably could live without a few of those during your flight. We’ve heard of people forgetting expensive electronics on flights, never to see them again, because they were overwhelmed by all the stuff they had to grab on their way off their plane. There are numerous apps and programs that you can upload to one device that will save information across various devices, so you can stick to just using your tablet on a flight.
  3. We once heard of one regular business traveler who had a drawer at home with all his travel essentials already pre-packed at all times, including travel-sized toiletries already stored in plastic sandwich bags or in a mini travel bag. It’s a smart idea! If you travel regularly, there’s a list of things you need every time you head off for a trip. Having them ready to go at all times will save you time when packing and will ensure you don’t forget anything.
  4. There’s a voluntary program from the Department of Homeland Security’s Transportation Security Administration called TSA PreCheck that you can sign up for, which allows you to bypass long security lines. You don’t have to remove your shoes, jacket, laptop, etc. when going through security. You just show TSA agents the certification and go straight through. It will save you lots of time.

These tips will make your travel easier to manage. If you’re staying in one of US Suites furnished apartments in San Diego or Portland after you land, we’ll make sure the rest of your trip is smooth and comfortable.

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