Keeping Pets Safe During The Holidays

Are you traveling or relocating with pets this holiday season?

Here at US Suites, we care just as much about your four-legged family member during relocation just as you do. Every year we have thousands of pets that make the journey and relocate with us. Whether you’re bringing along a cat, dog or even a turtle, there are several things you can do to ensure their safety while traveling especially during the holidays.Below are a few tips to ensure your pet is safe and happy during the holidays and in their new home.

Tip #1 Keep pets away from poisonous holiday plants

Although you may love the look of that poinsettia or the holly or mistletoe hung in your doorway, these plants can be extremely harmful to your pet. Make sure to keep them out of reach from your pets or better yet go for the imitation poinsettia (Shh… we won’t tell anyone!)

Tip #2Be aware of the dangers associated with a Christmas tree

                Although your Christmas tree isn’t poisonous, it can still cause issues when consumed by your animal. Make sure your Christmas tree is securely fastened to prevent it from falling. Try to avoid decorating your tree with food… candy canes and popcorn may be a tempting treat but they can cause your pet to have stomach issues, which wouldn’t be fun for anyone!

Tip #3Keep the leftovers out of your pet’s dish and in the fridge

                Although it may be tempting to shovel a plate of leftovers into your pet’s dish, this can be extremely fattening and cause indigestion in pets who are accustomed to dog/cat food. Leftovers can also contain bones, caffeine or other substances that aren’t great for your pet and can potentially be dangerous to your pet.

Tip #4Secure or hide loose wires

                Decking the halls is great fun, but be aware of all the wires and strands of lights that could come into contact with your pet. Make sure you hide away those wires and put the light strands high and in a spot that is unreachable by your pet. Wires pose a threat of strangulation or electrifying consequences.

Tip #5 Unusual noise and celebration

Keep in mind that you may be enjoying ringing in the New Year but the loud noise that comes along with your gleeful celebration can be extremely frightening to your pet. Try to keep your pet inside the apartment during these times of loud celebration or a part of the house that has the least amount of noise.

Whether you will be in San Diego, Portland, or one of our other locations, we hope you enjoy your stay at US Suites furnished apartments and find these tips helpful this holiday season.

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